August 13, 2014

College: What Is It Good For?

It’s not unusual for college graduates to be apprehensive about entering the job market. With so many employees keeping their job for fear of being unemployed, graduates sending out applications into their field of study are not guaranteed a job right away. The difficulty of job seeking has some people arguing that the value and investment of a college degree isn’t worth the piece of paper. However, there are a couple factors to consider in having a college degree to get a better job.

The simplest factor favoring college graduates is that a degree gets them in the door. It shows potential employers that they were willing to take additional steps to start a career in their field.

While those with a degree almost always have a lower unemployment rate than high school graduates alone, a good percentage run the risk of initially being underemployed. We all know that one computer engineer or chemist turned barista. Often times these first post-graduate jobs are where the skills learned in college are applied.

It’s also important to see what the economy needs at any given time. If the tech world is slow, engineers will have a smaller pool of opportunities. If the financial sector is booming, then a high demand will evolve for accountants and analysts. The trick is figuring out how a graduate can apply their knowledge and skills to various fields.

The good news is that there are options and networks available for college graduates to utilize. Staffing and recruiting agencies have connections with varying industries and niches, and help employers find educated, skilled and talented candidates for positions not always known to the public. Check out this article by Jordan Weissmann for a more in-depth look at how college graduates have ridden the job market coaster in the past ten years.

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