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Not Recruiting Overqualified Candidates? Here’s Why You Should Be.

When HR departments and hiring committees look to recruit new employees it sometimes seems that there are not enough qualified candidates, or too many overqualified candidates. For years the thought of hiring an overqualified candidate was taboo as they could quickly find the job was “beneath them” and leave. However, with the growing pool of […]

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How a “Thank You” could be the difference between getting or losing the job

Everyone leaves an interview with a genuine “thank you” and good handshake. But what can saying “thank you” after the interview mean? It may seem like a small gesture, but sending an email and an actual thank you note can mean the difference between getting the job or not. Brittney Helmrich provides 15 quick but […]

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The 4 Rules of Modern Recruiting

Modern recruiting is rapidly changing and evolving around mobile platforms and social media. Here in Southern California where most job searching is done on-the-go by workforce ready millennial’s, finding and hiring qualified candidates within a stack of resumes can be difficult and time consuming for companies of any size. In Jerome Ternynck’s article, “The 4 […]

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The Business Leader’s 11 Resourceful Characteristics

To be a manager or a part of a company’s leadership team takes a great deal of effort, planning and resources. These teams require a broad spectrum of knowledge and a good handle on all aspects of their job. John Hall, Inc.’s article points out 11 characteristics shared by resourceful business leaders. Some of these […]

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Eight Secrets to Employee Happiness – Without the Raise

There are many things managers and companies do to ensure employee happiness. Offering raises, bonuses, paid vacation, and external perks are some ways this happens, but these factors won’t necessarily retain a company’s best employees. What is more gratifying is being shown respect, appreciation and that an employee’s work is valued in the big picture […]

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Are You Hiring For Experience Or Personality?

Hiring new employees can be a challenge for HR departments and hiring committees. Especially in Southern California, where a variety of industries and an even larger variety of people call home, finding a job that fits with a job seeker’s abilities and personality can be a difficult task. Depending on the industry, the numerous components […]

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