Eight Secrets to Employee Happiness – Without the Raise

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There are many things managers and companies do to ensure employee happiness. Offering raises, bonuses, paid vacation, and external perks are some ways this happens, but these factors won’t necessarily retain a company’s best employees. What is more gratifying is being shown respect, appreciation and that an employee’s work is valued in the big picture of the company. In Nicole Fallon’s article, “8 Secrets to Keeping Employees Happy,” she outlines some things that business leaders, HR experts and managers do to keep employee happiness up when salary isn’t in the picture.

Although some of these eight secrets may sound simple and small, to the staff it means that they are truly a part of the team. As an employer do you ask employees for their input or survey teams on projects? Do you have routine floor walks to touch base with your staff? Often times a face-to-face conversation can clear up confusion or concerns faster than an email chain. Are your employees rewarded for risks that they take and steps made to develop themselves? One of the more important secrets mentioned is making sure that your leadership team is transparent: does everyone from the new employee to the Director know the state of the company?

Many of these tips are simple and communication based, but they are important to gauge the levels of employee happiness. These eight secrets can also give management teams the opportunity to find where better training and processes can be implemented to aid their staff in being successful!

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Keith Fiscus

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