The 4 Rules of Modern Recruiting

Modern recruiting is rapidly changing and evolving around mobile platforms and social media. Here in Southern California where most job searching is done on-the-go by workforce ready millennial’s, finding and hiring qualified candidates within a stack of resumes can be difficult and time consuming for companies of any size.

In Jerome Ternynck’s article, “The 4 New Rules to Modernize Your Recruiting,”  he lays out easy ways for companies to find trusted and talented candidates right in their own offices. Catering application processes to the way targeted candidates are job seeking can make HR departments and hiring committee’s efforts more successful. Some things he suggests are:

  • Source from social networks: colleague’s, employee’s, and social groups are all great environments for word-of-mouth referrals and informing others via social media.
  • Going mobile: making the application process easy and paperless for job seekers on the move, and giving them the ability to link their online profiles.
  • Brand strengthening on and offline: letting potential employees see how their goals align with your mission and values and what employees think of their jobs.
  • Hiring as a team sport: have multiple colleagues interview the candidate to see how they would do in different departments and positions. This person is not only working for a specific department but for the entire company.

Making the application process available on various networks and platforms will cut down on the time and labor HR and hiring committees usually take to find candidates. Professional staffing and recruiting agencies across Southern California use these tips too to more effectively find potential employees for employers. Plugging in and linking up to the various ways that candidates are job searching can create an engaging application experience and help companies recruit and hire qualified candidates one step ahead of everyone else.