6 Tips To Finding Candidates Who Will Stay For The Long Haul

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Recruiting candidates takes time, and searching for ones who can be retained for the long haul can be even more time consuming. Jerome Ternynck provides 6 tips to finding and retaining long term candidates in his Inc.com article, “Hire for the Long Haul.”

These tips point out that employee retention is not only something to think about after a candidate has been hired, but that retention and candidate relationships start before an offer is made. As a hiring committee, manager, or even a staffing and recruiting agency, it is important to stay on an equal level with the candidates being considered. They could just as easily say no to working for a company as the company could to not hiring them.

40% of newly hired employees in 2013 left their jobs within the first six months because companies did not hire fitting candidates. What could these companies have done to help candidate and company assess each other from the start?

  • Choices: utilizing networks such as colleagues, employees, and staffing and recruiting agencies can help a company find lasting quality employees in larger pool of candidates.
  • Hiring attitude instead of aptitude: a company can train for the job, but cannot train a person to fit into company culture.
  • Broadcasting the company brand: good candidates–the types a company should hire–do their homework, and can see how a company’s culture is like based on what is available.
  • Keep in touch: following up with candidates and contacts not only keeps the candidate interested and the company aware of the fact, but it shows the investment that each is willing to make for the position.
  • Companies are candidates too: companies and candidates either ultimately decide to mutually work together, or not, and the search can continue.
  • Close the best candidate: the average hiring time is 25 working days, but the types of candidates companies want to retain for years are usually working again in two weeks.

For companies–especially in Southern California where various industries call home–using the resources and teams of staffing and recruiting agencies can take the pressure and guesswork out of the above steps. Allowing a recruiting agency to find the network of candidates, review them, inform them, and advise them, will ultimately help a company see the value in these long term employee retention tips without having to worry about the nuts and bolts of the process.

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Keith Fiscus

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