October 13, 2014

Eliminate Stress to Help Your Success

Having an occasionally high stress day at work is nothing to worry about. When excessive stress starts to become the norm it however, can interfere with how successful an employee is in their career. Impacts on mental, emotional and physical health can become magnified and hamper both productivity and enjoyment at work. Identifying the symptoms of excessive work stress and working to control them can easily bring about calmer, more productive days.

The Recruiting Times’ article on eliminating stress at work offers four quick and simple tips to identify and minimize points of stress in an employee’s daily work life.

  • Prioritizing and Organizing: Knowing what needs to be done, how much, and their order of importance can bring overwhelmingly large pictures of a simple Monday into perspective. Using lists and organizational apps can help employees sort through tasks and projects.
  • Eliminate Interruptions: Interruptions are inevitable, but choosing to deal with them up front, stop them, or schedule them for another time in the day can help employees be more productive by not jumping from one thing to another simultaneously.
  • Delegate Responsibility: Accept the help of other employees and understand when it is time to ask for help.
  • Take Care of Yourself: Take time to exercise, sleep, have a healthy diet, socialize and take breaks. Working long hours can seem like an employee is “working hard” but it can have an adverse effect on productivity levels.

These simple, but powerful tips do not take much time out of the day and can help employees and companies stay well above water. Keeping a healthy body of employees and a positive and productive work environment will help companies enjoy overall success.

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