October 17, 2014

Developing Worldly Engineers

With California’s variety and number of leading technological and engineering companies, it is a very good time for graduates to be diving into the science industries. Southern California colleges and universities alone boast top ranking engineering, technological and scientific programs, allowing for a large pool of educated and talented candidates.

Lina Nilsson and Shankar Sastry point to a new generation of emerging engineers in their Washington Post article “Engineering Improvements for the World,” as the upcoming movers and shakers of engineering. Development Engineers – as they’re becoming known – are taking every part of the world by storm. Using high tech innovation to solve developing world problems has become the goal of Development Engineers, and these people and companies are quickly improving health care, education, socioeconomic mobility and communication from first to third world countries.

As the ideology of being a global citizen broadens, companies are recruiting engineers, economists, social scientists and other graduates to help solve societal problems and reinvent scientific disciplines based on real-world opportunities.

This new generation of Development Engineers will likely have an influence in our region as a hub of communication, trade, and information expansion on the west coast. Beginning to staff and recruit candidates in these fields is something which companies should thoroughly consider, not only for the quality of candidates but for the greater impact which these candidates can add to the world.

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