7 Steps to Measuring Pre- and Post-Hire Quality

Measuring quality within a company can come from different methods and training, but evaluating the quality of a new or existing hire is often a difficult and time consuming task for companies. No matter the industry–professional or administrative services, technology, medical, accounting, science and engineering–determining ways to improve production and output through employees can be done too late to be of use or too early to make a difference.

Lou Adler’s LinkedIn article, “A 7-Step Plan for Measuring and Improving Quality of Hire” outlines 7 performance-based solutions to successfully measure pre- and post-hire quality. Here are a few important items HR departments and hiring committees should take note of:

  • Turn job descriptions into performance objectives: define what needs to be done in the position and  compare how well a candidate has accomplished something similar.
  • Pre-hire performance reviews: usually done during the interview, this step allows a candidate to describe how they can accomplish and grow through the performance objectives.
  • Use a “talent scorecard”: assessments based on past employee performance and results can be used to support performance-based job descriptions. The system converts interview information and past performance measurements into a formula for success to predict quality of a new hire.
  • Compare pre- and post-hire quality: the defining factor of these steps happens once a candidate is hired. How is the new employee doing in terms of job performance, community congruity, and hopes for longevity?

These four points along with three others as outlined in the article are great points for companies, HR departments and hiring committees to take into consideration. However, if a company does not have the resources to conduct these types of pre- and post-hire measurements, utilizing the resources and team of a staffing agency, like Innovative Career Resources, can take the guesswork out of finding successful results. Working with a company and understanding the goals and requirements of a successful employee is something Innovative strives for and delivers with each candidate recruited.