Boost your recruiting and retention through employee referrals.

It is often difficult for companies to find large pools of candidates from which to hire who have the required qualifications, skills and personality to fill a freshly opened job position. Beyond the process of hiring a potential candidate, recruiting them can feel like fishing in a very small pond with even fewer quality fish. There is a resource that many companies don’t tap into, however, which could open them up to an ocean of available candidates. Their own employees.

Robin Erickson writes in the HR Times’ article “I know the Perfect Person…” of the reasons employee referrals can bring in high retention, qualified candidates. People want to work with like-minded associates and usually network with people who do similar jobs or have similar skills. For employers, this automatically widens the pool of candidates to recruit through employee social media and word-of-mouth. It is also almost guaranteed that these potential employees would be a good cultural fit since they’d be working with people with whom they are acquainted.

How does a company go about getting referrals?

  • Inform, educate, excite: tell your employees about the type of positions being offered, what skills are required, coach them on how to present the company’s brand well, and show employees how much they are valued for their efforts. Make recruiting an easy and simple process; do consider those who are referred; and send updates to your employees.
  • Keep the momentum: define the strategy of employee referrals you want to utilize as a company and allow your employees to become those types of ambassadors. Be clear in your messaging and provide employees with the tools they need to actively engage others through word-of-mouth and social media platforms.
  • Deliver: reward employees for their referrals and for their help. Showing appreciation and value will be incentive enough, as well as the opportunity to work with those who they count as friends and professional equals.

While employee referral programs do not always take off running, the low recruiting costs, longer retention periods and high success rates are enough to warrant an effort on the part of companies. If employee referral programs are not in your company’s tool kit, a staffing agency like Innovative Career Resources can easily, efficiently and effectively do the same for you. By using referrals from our current contracted employees, large pool of networking and recruitment strategies we will find the most qualified candidate to match your company’s goals.