September 30, 2015

The New Recruiting Trends: Why HR Should Partner With Hiring Teams


Summer may be over, but hiring is still sizzling. As most Human Resources Professionals know, it is very challenging to find talent for open requisitions. The amount of applications being submitted are dwindling, as are those posting their resumes to job boards, or responding to one of your many competitors LinkedIn InMails, making it that much tougher to identify quality candidates. After recruiting for 3-4 weeks, instead of the 1 week you have been accustomed to, you have finally found two to three qualified candidates to submit to your hiring manager, only to be told that they want to see more. Sound familiar?

In speaking with managers, associates, and friends that are not involved in the recruiting process, the general consensus is that there are still an abundance of talent out there who are waiting for their call and are lining up outside of their doors for an opportunity to work for them. No, no, no! That is not at all the case anymore. Hiring has become a game of hide & seek. So how does HR educate their management teams that those two to three candidates are the most qualified and interested candidates that they have available?

First and foremost, show them the numbers. Most companies are huge into gathering and delivering metrics throughout their functional units. Why not take those numbers to the hiring managers? Pull data on the current hiring stats, for example: time to fill, supply & demand forecasts, and open requisitions vs. positions filled.

Now that the hiring manager sees the numbers, it is time to let them know how many candidates were prescreened and interviewed prior to you sending those résumés to them. No longer will those two to three candidates be one of many, they will now be considered the cream of the crop, the best candidates that they will see. In fact, the hiring manager is going to need to sell the candidates on why they should pick their team over all of the candidates’ other options!

Times are changing, especially in the hiring realm. We are going back to the year 2006 when companies had to compete for the top talent and had to be creative with their hiring strategies. It is important for everyone involved with hiring–HR and Management alike–to understand the new trends and partner with each other to identify and hire the best candidates out there.

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