Monthly Archives: November 2015

Top 5 Recruiting Hacks Learned in 2015

Innovative attended several conferences this year in order to maintain not only our competitive advantage within the industry, but also to share our industry expertise with our clients by staying abreast of all things related to employee relations, recruiting and industry trends. Through many of the conferences this year we learned of new, trending tools […]

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7 Unique Holiday Traditions From Around The World

Need a quick break to get you through the holiday work day? Wish you could be vacationing elsewhere for this Holiday season and enjoying festivities from another culture? Or are you just looking for some table talk to impress your family with at your holiday dinner? Check out these 7 unique (if not bizarre) holiday […]

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5 Ways To Keep Focused During The Holidays

The holidays are upon us! Travel plans, family gatherings, shopping lists, cooking, wrapping, caroling, and decorating are beginning to fill up our schedules and any free time outside of work is quickly being eaten up. But what does this increase in activity mean for our working lives? The personal stress of the holidays and all […]

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