November 24, 2015

5 Ways To Keep Focused During The Holidays

The holidays are upon us! Travel plans, family gatherings, shopping lists, cooking, wrapping, caroling, and decorating are beginning to fill up our schedules and any free time outside of work is quickly being eaten up.

But what does this increase in activity mean for our working lives? The personal stress of the holidays and all that accompanies them can sometimes carry over into stress in our work lives. These additional stressors can affect work performance, projects, motivation and focus during the holiday months. While some companies take vacation at the end of the year, other companies can have increased seasonal work, and the stress levels at work may mirror that.

So what are some ways to stay focused as an employee during these crazy, festive months? Here are 5 tips to help you work through the holidays:

Clear your mind

Beyond daily tasks at work, the additional tasks to prepare for the holidays can make getting things done difficult. Make to-do lists and prioritize them. Once your tasks are in writing you can see what can wait until after the New Year or what needs to be done before the end of the year. Create short-term deadlines to accomplish lager tasks and projects – think of them as bite sized pieces.

Avoid multitasking

Don’t mix your work and personal errands. For example, online shopping for presents while on a conference call could end in disaster! Cross one thing off your list at a time, and make time blocks for breaks too.

Year-end timeline

Start your end-of-year tasks earlier in the year. No one said you couldn’t start Christmas shopping in October (just remember to hide them from the kids!). Make your shopping lists and set personal deadlines earlier in the year so that you can spend time with your family while they’re here and actually enjoy your vacation time.

Keep work at work

Set reasonable goals for work projects and deadlines. Keep yourself motivated to get things done during working hours so that you can enjoy the holidays outside of work free of stress! Remember, it’s not healthy to work where you sleep.

Don’t over commit

Don’t take on more than you can handle—and that means balancing your work and personal life. If you are planning a big holiday party, don’t add to your plate by organizing the office party too. Don’t be afraid to say no.

Bonus: Take care of yourself!

Particularly with cold winters, family gatherings, and sharing of food, it is important to stay healthy. Relax, sleep, eat delicious food, and recharge your mind and body with the company of those you love.

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