Top 5 Recruiting Hacks Learned in 2015

Innovative attended several conferences this year in order to maintain not only our competitive advantage within the industry, but also to share our industry expertise with our clients by staying abreast of all things related to employee relations, recruiting and industry trends. Through many of the conferences this year we learned of new, trending tools to use in 2016 such as additional recruiting tools, software, applications, websites, legal updates, and much, much more. Below is what we considered the TOP 5 HACKS!

1. SourceHub:

SourceHub is a free tool that will allow a Sourcer to enter job title, location and skills for an open requisition and SourceHub will automatically generate a Boolean search string that can be used on many search sites. What a great way to save time and streamline your process!

2. Dogpile Web Search:

Dogpile is a search engine that is able to gather information from multiple sites and brings it into the one site. Dogpile has more searchable data than Google, bettering your chances of finding the information you need!

3. Conference/Seminar Records:

Searching conference registrants or speakers on the web is an excellent way to find that candidate who is untraceable with other social media outlets. If you are looking for that top Software Developer, more than likely they have spoken at or attended conferences related to cloud development or UX development, and whatever specialty you are looking for.

4. Biznar:

If you are brave enough to skim through the information in the deep dark web, then this is the site for you! Users beware, as this is not a site to be used by novices! Biznar is a search engine where there is a lot of information that is not listed on Google including organizational charts, however there is also some not so legal activity being done.

5. is a wonderful tool to use if you are looking for Senior-Level Scientists, Researchers, etc. This site is an international, scientific database that posts publications, research and other scientific literature. What a great way to find the industry-leader that you are looking for!

Let us at Innovative help you find the best candidates by offering you Hacks like these, as well as going through and finding the perfect candidates for your open staffing positions! We’ll take the guesswork and tediousness out of searching for the right candidate to keep your company running smoothly. Contact us today for more information – and if you have other Sourcing Hacks to share with us, let us know!

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