January 18, 2016

Career Resolutions – 8 Tips To Getting That Promotion In 2016

Have you been stuck in the same position for years? Is it time for a promotion? Not sure where to start or how to ask your boss? Start by putting your best foot forward before you even ask! These 8 tips can help you get noticed by the boss, set you up with good workplace habits, and give you that chance of getting promoted this year.

Develop Mentoring Relationships

Look up in your team and department and see who you can connect with and work with as a mentor. This person can be an asset to you in many ways: being a sounding board when you run into problems on projects, providing career advice, they can spread good words about you, and guide you through the hoops of promotions.

Have Solutions

Anticipate problems or issues that may arise within a team or on a project and take initiative to find solutions that you can either implement or propose. By thinking your way out of difficult situations you are showing your project team members as well as your boss and those up the ladder that you are willing to work to find solutions and keep things running smoothly. Communicate with project managers and/or your boss to let them know what mistakes you may have made on a project and what you are doing to fix it (or need help fixing, and how exactly you need their help). In showing that you can manage yourself they will see that you can handle any issues that may arise in a higher position.

Do Your Job

Have clarity when it comes to how your position fits into the grand scheme of the company or department. If you don’t know exactly how your position impacts the rest of the process, ask. Be a team player on projects and do all tasks assigned even if they’re a little outside the baseline scope of work (though discuss with your boss if it’s way out of the scope!).

Groom Your Successor

Does your boss say you’re too valuable in your current position to move? Show them you have what it takes to train someone, how badly you want the promotion, and how you will be valuable in the position you want to be promoted to. In training a successor, you are showing you can train someone, showing that the position will not be left defenseless, and giving someone else the opportunity to move up or learn new skills. Don’t forget to offer reasons why your value in your current position will help you be ever more valuable with a promotion.

Don’t Be Entitled

No one is entitled to a promotion, no matter how many accomplishments they may have on their resume. Having a good personality makes a big difference. Those who tout their accomplishments across the department floor may be seen as arrogant and not offering additional credit to those who may have helped. This is not a good quality for someone looking to be promoted, particularly if it means you will be managing other people. Though, don’t be afraid to tactfully make your accomplishments known and ask for feedback. Those who will make promotion decisions will consider all accomplishments successfully met by you in the decision. Acting professionally at all times helps too: dress the part, have a positive outlook, don’t gossip, etc.


(Respectfully) Challenge The Boss

If you disagree with a proposed plan of action on a project, or think there’s a more efficient and effective way to update a process, make your thoughts known. Bring up your suggestions directly to the boss in private, accompanied by your facts, data and proposal set to go as if you could implement it right then and there. Gracefully accept a, “thank you, but this is how we’re doing it,” too. This will show your boss that you can accept when something has been set in stone, and that you are willing to look outside the box and propose solutions that can work well within existing processes.


Regardless if this is your most favorite job, or the worst one you’ve ever had, smile. Appreciate the opportunities you have in this position, act with good decorum, and show others on your team that you can handle yourself appropriately when things get tough. After all, you may have them reporting to you with that upcoming promotion and you’d want them to be happy and wear a smile too, wouldn’t you?

Don’t Watch the Clock

Just because it’s 5 o’clock doesn’t mean you should be the first in the elevator and to your car. You want to show that you are taking the time to prepare for the next day, prepared to provide additional help if needed, and that you care about your job. If you have your computer turned off by 5 o’clock, it shows that you are only interested in leaving, rather than finishing up on a complete note for the day.

Are you showing signs of any of these actions that will definitely not get you promoted?

  • Not starting your day with a plan
  • Just doing the minimum and nothing more
  • Only relying on existing information on a project or daily work
  • Voicing your complaints…to everyone
  • Not sharing credit where credit is due

By following these 8 tips you can be sure that you’ll start 2016 off on a good foot. Implementing these tips as daily habits will show anyone that you’re truly invested in your job and that your work towards a promotion is worth consideration. Innovative Career Resources can help job candidates find a career that you can move up in, be successful at, and have the opportunity to ask for that promotion this year! For employers, they can find high quality candidates who are willing to go the extra mile, work well within your company environment, and be the types of employees you’ll want to promote this year!

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