Monthly Archives: March 2016

Employer Requirements: Ways to Beat a Longer Time to Hire

The first quarter of 2016 has been an excellent indication of our current and intensive job market. Hiring indicators are showing that employment trends are similar to those prior to the housing crash in 2007. Employers are noticing longer time-to-fill ratios, and a decreased and often unskilled candidate pool, thus making the task of hiring […]

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Generation Z: The Next Workforce Wave & How to Recruit Them

This summer, a new generation of young adults will be joining the workforce across the country. These mid-90s to mi-2000s kids have grown and are starting to graduate college and high school, making up nearly 25% of the population. They are predicted to be the next big wave of entrepreneurs and digital natives who are […]

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North & South: 6 of California’s Hidden Spring Break Gems

California boasts nearly 1,000 miles of beautiful western coastline ranging from rocky and rugged to picturesque, palm laden and sandy. Bordered on the east by the San Gabriel Mountain range, southern desert and northern forests, there is a wide range of regional differences in the Golden State. So this spring break, take the family for […]

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