Generation Z: The Next Workforce Wave & How to Recruit Them

This summer, a new generation of young adults will be joining the workforce across the country. These mid-90s to mi-2000s kids have grown and are starting to graduate college and high school, making up nearly 25% of the population. They are predicted to be the next big wave of entrepreneurs and digital natives who are born and bred social media communicators.

One difference though? They’re children of the Recession, so their outlook on obtaining and retaining jobs is somewhat tainted from the Great Recession of the early 2000s. They’re wary of the usual ways of job recruitment, having seen their older siblings and even some parents have difficulty finding jobs or sustaining a high quality of career satisfaction.

As the Baby Boomers begin their exodus from the workforce into retirement, Generation Y is beginning to manage and form the supervising base of many companies. This is great for Generation Z’ers as their Generation Y counterparts are more easily able to communicate and train these new employees in increasingly technological ways. Generation Z’ers want to be their own bosses, to create their own positions, to see the impact of their work and know that they’re making a difference in the world. While Generation Y wanted a straight Work-Life balance, Generation Z wants growth opportunities and stability over a high salary. They want to have flexibility and to work from their desk, a creative space, or on the go. They want development opportunities, conferences, job shadowing and cross training to learn all they can.

So how are companies and HR departments to go about recruiting this independent generation?

Laser Focus: have specific job descriptions and cut the fluff on job boards and interviews. These new candidates want to know exactly what they’ll be doing, how they’ll need to do it, and what the outcome will (or should) be. Departments and teams will need to specify tasks, project goals, and define the chain of command and communication.

Platform Recruitment: be as networked as they are. Generation Z is more willing to reach out to companies on various social media platforms or reply to inquiries if they are contacted that way. Going against the traditional job board recruitment, candidates are able to peruse the quality and quantity of a company’s social media presence to get a better understanding of what they do, and will prioritize companies that engage and encourage them to apply via these outlets.

Career Focused Perks: Give them what they want. Find solutions to allow them the career growth and stability they crave while offering flexibility of work location and hours. The traditional 9-5 workday is quickly becoming a thing of the past with the advancements in work-related technology, software and apps.

Employee Retention: This will be the biggest obstacle for companies with the influx of Generation Z candidates. Most Generation Z’ers feel that 3 years is a good maximum timeframe to hold a job. Keeping candidates and employees engaged, satisfied, fulfilled, trained and getting them into niche positions will keep them motivated and working hard. Not to mention peaking their interest in niche jobs will allow them to climb the corporate ladder.

These four tips can help HR departments, companies and the newest Generation Y managers to find quality, tech-savvy, motivated Generation Z candidates in the coming years. Innovative can staff your company in a variety of industries by reaching out to candidates via various social media platforms to find Generation Z’ers who will be perfect fits. Contact us today to see how we can fulfill your staffing needs and find top quality, skilled talent in your area.

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