May 24, 2016

Top 10 Industries Hiring New Grads in 2016

As May and June roll around, a new wave of Millennial graduates is about to hit the shores of the work force. In past years, the fear of many graduates has been the lack of employment opportunities in any industry, but particularly ones that they spent their college years pursuing. 2015 showed signs of picking up steam hiring new graduates, and 2016 is no different.

With Baby Boomers beginning to retire in full force, and enough economic stability for companies to comfortably begin to expand, graduates will have more opportunities for employment post-graduation. It is expected that 2016 will find a general hiring increase of 15%, and 75% of those hires will be college graduates.

So what industries are looking to hire bright and eager grads? The main industry is Business & Scientific Services, which include engineers, technicians, specialists, and developers. Other strong industries include healthcare, finance, and information services (up 24-28% from last year!).

Here are the top 10 industries for college graduates to find work:

  1. Engineering – general engineering for entry level work
  2. Industrial Engineering – manufacturing, machine and process efficiency
  3. Safety Representatives – education and company consultants
  4. Web App Developer – website and smartphone technologies
  5. Environmental, Health, Safety Engineer- chemicals, machinery, software, etc.
  6. Electrical Engineer – civil and government buildings and development
  7. Safety Technician – occupational health and safety
  8. Software Engineer – network administration and new software
  9. Training Specialist & Business Services – plan, conduct, and administration of training
  10. Architect – civil buildings in cities and housing developments for urban areas

While the jump in hiring trends is great news for new graduates, there is something that employers are looking for on resumes. Internships. The old “entry level experience” is the new internship. Graduates of recent years have found that there is little to be found in entry level work in many industries, and companies are instead seeking candidates who have had at least one year of internship under their commencement caps.

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