July 7, 2016

Why you should do this this summer for more freedom… and more money

What’s one secret to a great summer… and having some money to spend? Many college students know it, yet it also works great for stay-at-home parents, retired, and the underemployed. It is, of course, temporary jobs! Now, if when you hear “temp job” you think of administrative work, you’re only partially correct. That is one type of work, but there is a wide range of jobs, for a wide range of experience levels, that are perfectly suited or a 3-month (if not more or less) run. But what are the benefits? Why not just get a longterm job?

For college students – or if you’re entering a new field or reentering the workforce — it’s an amazing way to gain work experience. You might not be able to get hired into that ad firm you want to work at with no experience… but you quite possibly could get a temporary position there, and gain enough experience to later apply (or maybe decide it’s not really your thing).

It’s not just a great way to test out a field of interest, it’s also a great way to test out a company. Not sure that you want to work with that specific company? Test drive them, and meanwhile, you are networking and getting to know people within that company who can hire you for the longterm position later – if you still want to work there, of course.

Another benefit is that you can continue to look for a full-time job while you’re working your temporary position. In that way, you can supplement your income while searching for a more ideal longterm position.

Seasonal work isn’t just for summer, by the way. A burst of retail hiring begins just before Thanksgiving, the fitness industry expands on January 1 each year, and many other industries have seasonal predictability for temporary employment hiring. It allows you to be flexible with your schedule, such as spending more time at home with a child during the summer, then working earlier hours during the holiday season while they’re in school.

Overall, a temporary position provides a stepping stone to new fields, helps you qualify for higher-level opportunities, boosts your resume, and can be easy to obtain!

How, you ask? Staffing agencies, such as Innovative Career Resources, can get you a seasonal / summer job whether it’s a contract just for the summer, or whether it turns into something more permanent. The process is simple: just contact us, we have a list of companies already looking for just the right fit.

Temporary Employment for Employers

Temporary employees are fantastic for employers as well. You can “test drive” candidates with limited risk on a short-term basis, for them to potentially fill longterm positions. With students, you can help train them at a lower level position, while developing a relationship so you can recruit the best-of-the-best upon graduation. And you can also easily handle spikes in your labor needs, without having to bear the cost of longterm employment when you don’t have the work. And again, best of all, it’s easy! Just contact Innovative Career Resources (or your own trusted staffing agency), and they will supply a stream of qualified candidates.

Summer is here! Consider seasonal staffing. Innovative is here to help.

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