Top 5 Job Hunting Tips during the Holiday Season

We are quickly approaching the Holiday Season, often referred to as the most joyous time of year. This could be true for some of us, however it is often especially tough for those looking for employment. Not only are most employers wrapping up year-end projects and financials, employees are taking time off to spend much-needed quality time with family and/or taking vacations, making it difficult to schedule time for any interviews that might occur. So, what might someone do to pass their time through this Holiday Season?


There are so many non-profits and charities that could use a helping hand. They will often provide toys to children and meals to those in need. Since they run on donations and the help of volunteers, this could be the perfect opportunity to not only give-back, but also network.

Seasonal Jobs

Retail stores hire Seasonal employees to help them navigate through their busiest time of year. This will help job seekers maintain a steady income, narrow any potential employment gaps and best of all, most stores will offer employee discounts – score!


It’s no secret that companies like Uber and Lyft are on the rise. They allow for their drivers to have complete control and flexibility with their schedule. Additionally, companies like Amazon are using drivers to deliver packages and groceries to homes, so if you don’t want to drive passengers, this would be a great option for you.

Professional Development

Take this time to develop your skills and make you more marketable for the New Year. Have you been thinking that you need to brush up on your MS Office skills or gain a PMP certification? EDD offers free classes to those on unemployment, which is a fantastic resource.

Temporary Employment

When employees go on vacation or take a leave of absence, companies have a void that they need to fill and will often contact Staffing Partners to identify and provide talent on a temporary basis. This would be a great opportunity for a job seeker as it will allow them to gain new experience, learn new software and make a great impression on the employer. That way, when a full-time position comes up you’re first on their mind. Need a Staffing Partner that you can trust? Please contact Innovative Career Resources and we would be happy to assist with your career coaching and placement.




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