October 16, 2019

Does Your Business Need a Staffing Partner?

One of the most crucial parts of a successful business is a selective and thorough hiring process. Finding the right employees not only increases retention, it can boost morale and output. However, highly selective hiring can be a time-consuming process, making it a challenge for already busy managers and human resources departments. If this sounds familiar, you might want to consider the benefits of using a staffing agency such as Innovative Career Resources. You can save money and time, increase flexibility, and strengthen company morale by partnering with the right agency.

First things first: can outsourced staffing really save you money? Absolutely. Successful companies look for the most cost-efficient ways to perform the essentials, and hiring is no exception. Are your employees clocking in a lot of overtime because you’re short staffed? That’s an unnecessary expense. Is your HR department constantly sifting through piles of resumes? That’s not a great use of their time. Are production levels suffering because you can’t find enough skilled people to fill jobs? That’s money you’re not making. A staffing company like ICR can quickly present you with qualified workers to fill full-time, part-time, or temporary positions. Don’t waste precious hours looking at hundreds of resumes and scheduling interviews, most of which don’t meet your needs —let our experienced recruiters submit talented people who have successfully been filtered and screened.

For many industries, flexibility is a key component of their workforce. These businesses have certain times of the month or year that are busier than others. During these times, employees have greatly increased workloads, making it difficult for everyone to accomplish their necessary tasks. However, hiring a permanent employee just to meet the occasional busy days or months doesn’t make business sense. A staffing partner can provide you with qualified temporary employees to help reduce the burden of a briefly increased workload, without the overhead and costs of a permanent employee.

There are also intangible costs when employees try to do too many jobs and take on too much responsibility. Positions left vacant for a long time have the obvious loss of productivity, but they can also greatly reduce morale. If employees feel like an employer is taking advantage of them by loading them up with increased duties instead of hiring another staff member, you may find an overall decrease in productivity as well. Having a team of people who can count on each other to fulfill their respective obligations is a great way to increase both company morale and employee retention.

Are you ready to experience the benefits of working with a staffing partner? Contact Innovative Career Resources today to learn how we can help your business by finding qualified talent for your team.

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