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Meeting the Staffing Challenges of Covid-19

by | May 21, 2020 | Blog, Innovative Career Resources | 0 comments

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Chances are, Covid-19 has impacted your business in some way or another, and dealing with these unanticipated changes has been a difficult transition. Diverse types of workplaces such as offices, warehouses, and manufacturing will all have to make some modifications to bring back employees in a safe and efficient manner. If you’ve found that you need to make changes to your current workforce, a trusted staffing partner such as Innovative Career Resources & Staffing may be able to assist you with providing top-quality talent so that your business can stage a successful comeback.

How will Covid-19 change staffing needs for your business? For numerous companies, the virus has changed the products and services they offer, their production and processes, or even their workspaces. With these new adjustments can come new hiring needs. Many businesses are coming back leaner, with a focus on employees who are high-performers. This is the time to carefully evaluate your needs and be selective with who you hire or re-hire. Rather than bring back poor performers once you re-open, make sure you’re spending your capital and PPP funding wisely on talent that will help your company rebound as efficiently as possible.

Partnering with a staffing agency right now will allow you to concentrate on your core business operations, while leaving the hiring to the experts. You’re already plenty busy and possibly understaffed as it is—no need to spend your precious time on a lengthy hiring process. With potentially new types of work on the horizon, you may not have had experience vetting applicants for those types of positions. A staffing partner with industry expertise is in a better position to recruit and screen candidates on your behalf.

With the uncertainty the pandemic has brought to the economy, flexibility is another desirable trait to have in your workforce. Demand for your product or services may fluctuate while things are leveling out. A strategic partnership with an agency like Innovative Career Resources & Staffing can help you meet the ebbs and flows of this new landscape. Now more than ever, employees are being asked to stay home if they feel unwell. In the past, employees would power through certain symptoms and come to work, but they’re likely much more cautious right now. This could leave you with fewer employees during your peak work times, but using a staffing agency can help you temporarily increase your workforce as needed.

The emergence of the novel coronavirus has changed the way we work and live, possibly forever, but certainly for the time being. Innovative Career Resources & Staffing is here to help you meet the hiring challenges you may be facing during and after the pandemic. Through all of this, we are still focused on what is most important—our associates and our clients. We wish you the best as we adapt to these new changes together.

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