Attract New Talent and Retain Existing Employees

Employees and employers are currently at a crossroads. Workers are less satisfied with their jobs than ever, with 68% saying they would consider a career change, and a mere 5% currently happy with their position, according to a report by FlexJobs. What’s behind this dissatisfaction? The pandemic forced a lot of people to examine their work-life balance, and they didn’t always like what they saw. Add a changing generation and economic uncertainty to the mix, and you have a perfect storm for employee resignations. The top reasons people gave for wanting to change careers are:

  • Work-life balance
  • Higher pay
  • More meaningful career
  • Expanding professional skill set
  • Career advancement

Many workers who stayed put during the uncertainty of the early pandemic are now considering jumping ship. So how can your company re-engage employees and encourage them to stay? Address some of their biggest concerns.

The pandemic taught us that, for many employees, work can happen away from the office. Dictating that everyone come back full-time to in-person work is going to raise questions about why they can’t work from home at least part of the time, and possibly lead to resignations. Where possible, consider offering flexible schedules and giving employees options that best support both their work and personal lives.

Invest in Managers
There’s a saying that people don’t quit companies, they quit bosses. So take a close look at who is directly managing your workers and make sure they have the training and qualities necessary to guide their team members to success. These are the people who spend the most time with your employees, and they can make or break an organization’s outcome.

Company Values
Ensure that the company’s mission, vision, and values align with the work your employees are doing. Let them know how they fit into the big picture, and be sure to celebrate successes with them and share how they are driving the mission forward. Connecting with the passions of your employees is key to them feeling fulfilled in their jobs.

Everyone learned a lot about themselves and what they found important during the pandemic. As employees examine what they want their work-life balance to look like and how their career fits their values, businesses that are supportive will be in a good position to retain their workforce and attract new talent. If you’re in need of new hires, contact Innovative Career Resources & Staffing today and let’s work together to match your company with great employees.