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We use the power of relationships to connect skilled professional candidates with Fortune 500 companies. This means that our candidates are placed on a solid career path and our clients benefit from top-tier talent and bottom line results.

Some of the many skill sets we staff for our Partners

  • Accounting
  • Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Executive Administration
  • Administration
  • Data Entry
  • Customer Service
  • Receptionist
  • Marketing
  • Biology
  • Cell Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Clinical Diagnostics
  • Formulations
  • Manufacturing Engineers
  • Microbiology
  • Process Engineers
  • Quality Assurance
  • Quality Control
  • Research & Development
  • Technical Writing
  • Validation Engineers

When Time, People & Culture Matter… Recruiting Counts!

Since 2002, Innovative Career Resources and Staffing has been committed to providing our partners with an excellent customer experience, along with thoroughly vetted professionals to meet your short and long term staffing needs.

We’re here to help you find the skilled candidates your organization needs, whether it’s temporary, temporary to permanent, or direct hires. Your workforce is your most valuable and costly asset, so we take our role as your staffing partner seriously. By working together, our knowledge, resources, and connections become yours.

It takes great people to make a great company. If your business is in need of qualified, skilled professionals, partner with Innovative Career Resources and Staffing today to grow your workforce and achieve your organizational goals.

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Founder & CEO Keith Fiscus shares how Innovative can be an effective resource for your Talent Acquisition needs.

“Innovative always does a great job with their candidate selections. I truly believe they take the time to review each candidate to ensure they are the perfect fit. If the candidate is not the right match Innovative takes the time to develop and mentor.”

—  Teresa H., Supervisor – Pacific Life Insurance

“Innovative understands how to recruit technical talent as well as understands the needs of Amway. I have worked with them for a few years now in different departments and have consistently been impressed with the people they bring to the table. They are in good communication throughout the duration of the assignments and do their best to prioritize the growth of their talent and secure job placements.”

— Elan D., Manager Amway

“Staff is awesome and great hire!"

— Jennie R., Past President  – Entrepreneurs’ Organization of Orange County

“The candidates Innovative provides us with are qualified and have the skill sets we are looking for.”

— Kim S., Supervisor – Pacific Life Insurance

“Reliability, efficiency and integrity.”

— Marisol M., Manager – Pompeian Olive Oil

“Dedication towards looking for good matching candidates – Screening process – Great success rate for candidates matched so far – Always pleasant to work with, striving with determination but never too pushy.”

— Ritu S., Director – RxSight

“INNOVATIVE always checks the candidates’ qualifications (background check, calling references and drug test) before sending them to an interview. Therefore, INNOVATIVE is a reliable agency.”

— Gwen T., Supervisor – Pompeian Olive Oil

“High caliber of job candidates presented with good track record of converting into full-time employees. Excellent Customer Service!”

— John S. – RxSight

“They are “all-in” They truly care to help you…they are not just looking for a paycheck.”

— John T., Chief Investment Officer – Skeiron Real Estate

“I’ve always had good experiences with Innovative, when I have an issue with an employee, they are quick to come up with resolutions to the problem.”

— Will J., Manager – Innova Electronics

“I have always found their team to be knowledgeable and helpful. The employees, whether temporary, contractor or temp-to-hire, have always been vetted and typically are qualified for the position.”

— Ashley W., Manager – Fujifilm

“Always receive great service, transparency and good quality candidates!”

— Amanda A., Manager – Fujifilm

“Extremely responsive, a good business partner.”

— Desirae L., Manager – Amway

“Great service and response time.”

— Paola C., Supervisor – Amway

“Innovative is a great company.  They provide quality temp labor at very reasonable rates.  Management also really cares about their people and are always looking for the best opportunities for all.”

— Brad T., Manager – Amway

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