7 Steps to Measuring Pre- and Post-Hire Quality

Measuring quality within a company can come from different methods and training, but evaluating the quality of a new or existing hire is often a difficult and time consuming task for companies. No matter the industry–professional or administrative services, technology, medical, accounting, science and engineering–determining ways to improve production and output through employees can be […]

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How a “Thank You” could be the difference between getting or losing the job

Everyone leaves an interview with a genuine “thank you” and good handshake. But what can saying “thank you” after the interview mean? It may seem like a small gesture, but sending an email and an actual thank you note can mean the difference between getting the job or not. Brittney Helmrich provides 15 quick but […]

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Be Your Best at an Interview

After you’ve aced the résumé and application process, the next step is typically an in-person interview. The interview is an opportunity to show a potential employer your personality and prove that you’d be the best person for the position.  Follow this advice to be better prepared and poised when you meet a potential employer: 1. […]

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