Top Technical Jobs of 2014

Technicians Thrived In 2014 At These Top Innovative Technical Companies 2014 found technical companies from the bio-med and pharmaceutical industries to food manufacturing thrive with new discoveries. Who do we have to thank for these innovations? Employees who work for 20 companies where employment satisfaction reigns and productivity brings to the forefront much needed consumer […]

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Top Pharmaceutical Companies in the United States

Are you on the list? Five of the top ten biggest pharmaceutical companies of 2014 are based in the United States as profiled by Forbes calculation of net success. The other five companies hail from Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and France. These companies not only manufacture and provide essentials like vaccines and medical devices, but […]

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To Test or Not to Test: That is a Quality Assurance Manager’s Question

Most often companies of the bio-tech, bio-med, chemical and pharmaceutical industries have teams dedicated to assuring that when two things mix, no one gets hurt. However, with the California job market playing out against qualified job seekers over the past several years, these specific teams are not as readily found as HR teams would like. […]

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