“Innovative always does a great job with their candidate selections. I truly believe they take the time to review each candidate to ensure they are the perfect fit. If the candidate is not the right match Innovative takes the time to develop and mentor.”

Teresa H., Supervisor - Pacific Life Insurance

“Innovative understands how to recruit technical talent as well as understands the needs of Amway. I have worked with them for a few years now in different departments and have consistently been impressed with the people they bring to the table. They are in good communication throughout the duration of the assignments and do their best to prioritize the growth of their talent and secure job placements.”

Elan D., Manager Amway

“Staff is awesome and great hire!”

Jennie R., Past President  – Entrepreneurs’ Organization of Orange County

“The candidates Innovative provides us with are qualified and have the skill sets we are looking for.”

Kim S., Supervisor – Pacific Life Insurance

“Reliability, efficiency and integrity.”

Marisol M., Manager - Pompeian Olive Oil

“Dedication towards looking for good matching candidates - Screening process - Great success rate for candidates matched so far - Always pleasant to work with, striving with determination but never too pushy.”

Ritu S., Director - RxSight

“INNOVATIVE always checks the candidates' qualifications (background check, calling references and drug test) before sending them to an interview. Therefore, INNOVATIVE is a reliable agency.”

Gwen T., Supervisor – Pompeian Olive Oil

“High caliber of job candidates presented with good track record of converting into full-time employees. Excellent Customer Service!

John S. - RxSight

“They are "all-in" They truly care to help you...they are not just looking for a paycheck.”

John T., Chief Investment Officer - Skeiron Real Estate

“I've always had good experiences with Innovative, when I have an issue with an employee, they are quick to come up with resolutions to the problem."

Will J., Manager - Innova Electronics

“I have always found their team to be knowledgeable and helpful. The employees, whether temporary, contractor or temp-to-hire, have always been vetted and typically are qualified for the position.”

Ashley W., Manager - Fujifilm

“Always receive great service, transparency and good quality candidates!”

Amanda A., Manager - Fujifilm

“Extremely responsive, a good business partner.”

Desirae L., Manager - Amway

“Great service and response time.”

Paola C., Supervisor - Amway

“Innovative is a great company.  They provide quality temp labor at very reasonable rates.  Management also really cares about their people and are always looking for the best opportunities for all.”

Brad T., Manager – Amway

“Innovative Career Resources is a pleasure to work with.  They put forth amazing service and always have their client's interests first, even when their candidate is not selected. From the moment you call and are connected to Victoria, you can tell this is the case.  From there, Keith and Kristen put forth amazing candidates.  You can tell they put forth due care in vetting candidates prior to them being presented to you.  While we didn't end up working with Innovative in our final selection, it was not for lack of quality as they had put forth the strongest candidates we met with.  Even though we were not searching for a high-level executive, we were still treated as if this was the case as both Keith and Kristen took the time to speak with me over the phone to help advise in our search.  Keith even came down to meet with us face to face.  I cannot say enough good things about this company and I would highly recommend them to employers looking to fill vacancies.”

Franklin S., CFO - Firewire




“Innovative is great. Fast on responding to anything I need and great at matching up employee to employer.”

Van N., Employee - Pacific Life Insurance

“Everyone at Innovative provided me with professional friendly service. Always supportive and responsive.”

Erika C., Employee - Fujifilm

“I appreciate the way in which you care for your clients. Both the company and the contractor. The way you follow up with your clients is refreshing.”

Tyler L., Employee - RxSight

“I like Innovative’s professionalism and generosity.”

Kevin E., Employee – Pacific Life Insurance

“My experience has been extremely smooth and straightforward.”

Ashley I., Employee - Entrepreneurs’ Organization

“Innovative has always been there all along the way, keeping me informed, checking in on me, always in communication. This makes a candidate feel like a person instead of an assignment. Thanks!”

Lupe D., Consortium West

“I have had an excellent experience working with Innovative. Innovative helped me get my first job out of school which allowed me to figure out what I want to do with the rest of my life; regulatory science!”

Monica S., Employee - Amway

“Innovative reached out to me and placed me with a great company without me even seeking their help. Within 5 months I got hired on full time by a company I would have never even thought to apply at! Everyone was so nice and helpful and Innovative as a whole has been extremely thoughtful, for example, sending me a Starbucks gift card and a card on my birthday.”

Kiana D., Employee - Pacific Life Insurance

“Innovative has been good at staying connected with me as an employee. They are quick to answer questions and I feel that they are always available when I need them.”

Racquel S., Employee - Amway

“Innovative Career Resources allowed me to get my career started by opening the door to opportunities I would not have been able to find on my own. For that I am extremely grateful. Thank you for all that you do!”

Hai L., Employee - Amway

“Awesome group of people and very dedicated to our success.”

Monica M., Employee - Pacific Life Insurance

“Friendly service. They resolve any issues quickly. They understand your needs and provide services which are suitable for that person. They check on you regularly and take your feedback seriously.”

Maithry M., Employee - Innova Electronics

“The talent acquisition specialists are always positive and are there with you for every step of the way in the hiring process.”

Luke L., Employee - St. Cecilia Catholic Church

“My experience with Innovative Career Resources has been amazing. The entire staff is great to work with and I'm so thankful for the opportunities they have given me!”

Carol K., Employee - Pacific Life Insurance

“Everyone on the team was very welcoming and helpful. You all were able to place me in a role that I am still at to this day and are timely in your responses.”

Janessa Y., Employee - Technicon Design Corporation

“Innovative Career Resources has dependable and very professional staff that are really willing to help hopeful applicants to find the right job that fits their interests. They stay connected with their employees and find ways to appreciate them.”

Angelica M., Employee - Amway

“I was unemployed for over a year feeling hopeless and depressed. I was losing all hope in ever getting hired. Out of nowhere, Innovative Career Resources reached out to me and helped me find the most awesome job I'm working at right now. I have my life back, feeling a sense of self-worth and so happy and excited about the future. Special thanks go out to...Jenny and Kerry for all their hard work. You ladies rock!!”

Helen H., Employee – Astor & Kingsland Law Firm

“Thank you to the amazing team at Innovative Career Services! Jenny and Keith were friendly, professional, and showed me so much support during my job search. As a marketing professional, it's not as usual that roles in my field come across their desks than those in other industries, but when one did, they were determined to get me an interview with the company hiring. I was offered a position from the said company but ended up receiving another offer I couldn't refuse. Even still, Jenny and Keith supported me and wished me the best in my endeavors. Thank you so much, ICR!”

Catalina D., Employee - Candidate

“Thanks to the team at Innovative. They are involved, friendly and a professional team and truly made the recruiting and onboarding process easy and a great experience. Big thanks to Jenny!”

Audrey D., Employee - Candidate