9 Ways To Shine In A Group Interview

by | Oct 10, 2014 | Blog | 0 comments

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Companies in Orange County, Los Angeles and the surrounding counties often adopt the fast pace lifestyle of their residents. A job posting opens and the race is on to find the most qualified and talented candidate in the region. Resumes are uploaded, phone interviews conducted, and then the in-person interview comes around and candidates start to get nervous. An individual interview is one thing, but what is the best way to go about shinning in a group interview?

Veronica Finch suggests 9 ways to stand out in a group interview in her Career Realism article. She points out that while candidates are doing your best to show the interviewer, HR contact or hiring committee they are the best choice for the job, they are also in essence competing with their fellow interviewees. What can job candidates do to shine in these often crowded stages? Some of her suggestions include:

  • Research beforehand: know as much as possible about the company, their goals, and reasons to work for them.
  • Be early: get to know the environment, see how their employees interact, and make introductions with other interviewees.
  • Prepare an introduction: memorize this. Having the confidence to make a fluid and effective introduction in the first part of an interview can be key.
  • Listen carefully: staying attentive and alert can help candidates answer well, answer quickly, and engage with other interviewees.
  • Ask intelligent questions: during the interview, formulate some questions to have at the end. It shows that investment in listening and an interested in learning more about the company and job.
  • Greet and thank interviewers and other candidates: this demonstrates respect for the company, their time, and fellow candidates.

Group interviews are as stressful for companies looking to recruit as it is for the candidates who are applying. However, using the tips above and others outlined in the article can help provide the edge and preparedness to shine in a group interview.

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