Not Recruiting Overqualified Candidates? Here’s Why You Should Be.

When HR departments and hiring committees look to recruit new employees it sometimes seems that there are not enough qualified candidates, or too many overqualified candidates. For years the thought of hiring an overqualified candidate was taboo as they could quickly find the job was “beneath them” and leave. However, with the growing pool of educated and experienced graduates coming into the workforce, employers should consider tapping into. Dr. John Sullivan points out 10 reasons to hire these overqualified candidates in his article here, pointing out the internal business and recruiting impacts that these candidates can provide.

Recent graduates especially are looking for a stable, enjoyable job in their field right away, so providing an opportunity for them to utilize their skills and education at an entry level position is usually the start they need. Think of an overqualified candidate in this light: they are eager to learn and use their skills; can be highly productive with little training time; can mentor other employees; and if they are empowered as employees can have the motivation to stay long term and succeed.

With such a high volume of up-and-coming Generation Z candidates fresh out of the many colleges and universities of Southern California, recruiting from a pool of educated people may seem like a staggering task. But utilizing the resources of professional staffing agencies like Innovative in Orange County, Los Angeles, Riverside and San Bernardino counties can help employers find the best match for their open jobs.

Staffing agencies look for both education and experience–from newly graduated candidates to ones with years in a field–to determine if the person is right for the job. Knowing and understanding the nuances of an employer’s company and the requirements of the position allows them to ensure that even presumably overqualified candidates can and will be the best investment.