February 13, 2015

Top Technical Jobs of 2014

Technicians Thrived In 2014 At These Top Innovative Technical Companies

2014 found technical companies from the bio-med and pharmaceutical industries to food manufacturing thrive with new discoveries. Who do we have to thank for these innovations? Employees who work for 20 companies where employment satisfaction reigns and productivity brings to the forefront much needed consumer services and products.

Science Career conducts an annual survey of companies around the world, seeking to find out what factors produce the best technicians and, in turn, the most results. Ranked high and trending in last year’s results were: being an innovative leader in the industry, a socially responsible company, and having a work culture that encouraged development and personal growth.

Being recognized as an innovative company means different things in different industries. In the bio-medical field, lab technicians utilize innovations in technology to discover how their compounds-in-testing act on certain types of cells. One pharmaceutical company found ways to use “bi-specific” technology where one antibody has two actions in targeting tumors.

Agriculture, an often overlooked branch of our country and the world’s science industries, have developed cutting edge products to protect crops from drought and diseases. Bio-tech seed developers have been particularly busy here at home in California where our drought has impacted our crops and the supply we provide to the rest of the country.

Technicians, engineers and employees of these top twenty companies will continue to improve upon 2014’s discoveries and products in 2015. Of the top 20 on Science Career’s survey, over half of them hail from the United States:

#1 – Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (NY)
#3 – Genentech (CA)
#4 – Vertex Pharmaceuticals Incorporated (MA)
#5 – Eli Lilly & Co (IN)
#6 – Monsanto Company (MO)
#7 – AbbVie (IL)
#10 – Biogen Idec (MA)
#12 – Abbot (IL)
#15 – Celgene Corporation (NJ)
#17 – DuPont (DE)
#18 – Amgen (CA)
#19 – Johnson & Johnson (NJ)

Check out what other companies made the list!

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