Is Contract Employment Dead? Hire Better in a Hot Market!

by | Sep 30, 2015 | Blog | 0 comments

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Across the country, companies in various industries are amping up the number of positions that need the best and brightest talent of the day. During the slower years of employment in the United States, the pool of freelancers and contractors skyrocketed as people were searching for ways to make ends meet. While the opportunity to be hired out of a contract often exists, candidates are beginning to seek more. As the number of available positions increase, the number of contractors and freelancers is dwindling—the chance for a direct hire career is looking brighter.

So what are hiring managers to do with a slimmer pool of contract and freelance workers? Hire direct…here’s five reasons why:

Benefits for all
For candidates seeking a career change, their first real job, or something more long-term in their industry, the sight of permanent job security and company-paid benefits will attract a higher caliber of experienced candidates. The level of loyalty and commitment in the direct hire landscape is more prominent, particularly for leadership roles.

Hidden Candidates
Companies don’t need to look only at the pool of openly searching candidates. There are passive candidates that exist who may be searching for a better opportunity—whether that’s better benefits, a better role, a new project, or a direction change—in competitors. Few people would ever leave a stable job for anything less than what they are already doing, and that includes contract positions. In many industries, however, some would probably consider a better job offer of a direct hire if the terms were enticing enough.

Another place for companies to look is outside their backyard. Sometimes the local pool of candidates can get a little stale, and searching out-of-state for qualified candidates can help increase fresh, new talent. Also, be prepared with reasons as to why a move would benefit them, i.e. cost effective, culture, schools. If the candidate knows they will have a long-standing job and consistent income to support their new lifestyle there is a good chance that they would take the opportunity. Don’t forget to offer relocation assistance!

Partner with a Staffing Agency
Is sifting through piles of applications and hours of interviews to find the perfect candidate taking away from other priorities? Work with your local staffing agency, like Innovative Career Resources in Southern California, to find the candidates for you. If for whatever reason a direct hire leaves or is let go, you can rest assured that staffing agencies will have another candidate lined up to start their career with you. There are often additional bonuses to companies for direct hires too!

While contract and freelance work can be a great way to staff and employ your teams for projects or for other reasons, the long-term investments of directly hiring a candidate can outweigh the up-front investments. There is a lot to handle with onboarding, moving a candidate, increasing salaries and boosting benefit packages. As a company, though, you won’t be as limited to the short-term, local pool and won’t have to recycle through candidates from one contract to another.

So, if you’re looking to hire the top quality talent in Southern California in various industries, including accounting and finance, science and engineering, technical, pharmaceutical and laboratory, and administrative categories, contact Innovative Career Resources today! They will help you find top-notch direct hire candidates, as well as contract and short-term candidates. Through their screening and interview process, Innovative will ensure that the potential employees will be the perfect fit for any position, any company and culture, and that their goals will align with your company goals.

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