How a Reliable Staffing Firm Can Help You Find a Job

A job hunt can be stressful during the best of times, and in the best of economies. Add current pandemic troubles, community lockdowns, and hiring freezes at some companies, and the hunt for work becomes more difficult. Our current reality is markedly different from just a few short months ago. In-person interviews and firm handshakes are no longer staples of job searching. And networking over a shared meal, drinks, or coffee is out. So what can you do to make the search easier for yourself? Use a staffing agency such as Innovative Career Resources. Our expertise, insights, and established relationships with employers can give you the leverage you need to get back in the workforce. Here are some of the biggest advantages agencies such as Innovative offer:

Searching. Every job seeker knows what a slog it can be to constantly sift through job listings, day after day after day. It takes a lot of time and energy that you might not have right now. If you partner with a reliable staffing agency, they do the searching on your behalf. Agencies are current on what is going on in the immediate job market­—they’re in the trenches every day with candidates and employers. They are the experts in this area, so let them do the heavy lifting for you.

Access. Many companies use staffing firms in lieu of posting job openings themselves. Sometimes it’s because they don’t have the time or resources to sort through applications, and sometimes it’s because the job opening is confidential. Give yourself access to this hidden job market by using a staffing agency. There are opportunities here that you can’t find on your own.

Variety. Staffing firms work with a wide variety of companies in a number of industries. And they need workers at all skill levels, from entry-level employees to upper management. Perhaps there are industries you didn’t know would fit your skill set, or had never considered as a possibility. A recruiter can see potential that you didn’t know was there.

Coaching. Working with a staffing agency can be like having a career coach. They can help with your résumé, prepare you for interviews, and give you necessary client information so that you can put your best foot forward. Your recruiter will get your résumé in front of hiring managers, and will be your advocate in getting you the job that’s the best fit for you.

Stress Less. You don’t have to go it alone. Psychologists tell us that one of the most emotionally difficult experiences we can have is searching for a job. It is stressful, but a professional staffing firm can help alleviate that stress by being your job searching partner and providing support at every step of the way.

All the benefits of a staffing agency are available at no cost to you. If you’re in the market for a job, contact Innovative today. We can get you connected with local companies that are hiring right now.